Was yesterday a key day?

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Yesterday was the day the world opens up a little more.

easyJet only allowed one occupied seat per row on the first flights yesterday

It was day that the EU decided to open up its borders to other Schengen nations visitors although Italy and Spain have their own ideas. Bulgaria, Italy and Estonia re-opened almost a fortnight ago and Spain and Malta wait until July.

I was also the day the north terminal was re-opened at Gatwick and easyJet increased its numbers of flights but at £175 for a flight from Glasgow to Gatwick who can afford it. Does easyJet think charging a rail fare price for a ticket will encourage people back?.  

Belgium has opened its borders to EU countries plus the UK, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway from today. Denmark won’t open for international travel until the end of the summer.

Ireland still operates a 14 day quarantine period for overseas visitors and Turkey has yet to announce a date when international visitors can return. Russia and Greece say July 15th will be when international tourists can return.

Jamaica opens up for international tourists today and St Lucia has already reopened along with Antigua and Barbuda and the Turks and Caicos islands.

But for most readers it is what is happening in Europe that matters most. As politicians grapple with the economic hit that their countries are facing, the unlocking of restrictions seems to be gathering pace. Museums in Greece, for example, opened yesterday.

Governments will be watching to see if the international border travel and the unlocking causes an increase in the virus. If not, we may get some lessening of the bonds in which are tied.

But in the USA, the lockdown reductions in some states seems to have caused an increase in cases. There, they haven’t tightened the lockdown unlike in China where an outbreak in eleven parts of Beijing has resulted in a tougher measures.

In the UK, the morning media covered the first flight by easyJet out of Gatwick and Belfast International, there were interviews with Stuart Wingate – the boss at Gatwick – but otherwise it was just another day in travel.

About 750 people were due to fly from Belfast International, hardly enough to fill four Boeing 737’s.

Zoos re-opened in England so lots of pictures of furry animals to cheer us up!

Rumours abounded that the Northern Ireland government was going to bring forward the day on which hotels could open again to July 3rd. No news from either Scotland or Wales about when tourism might re-open there.

Whatever is written here might change tomorrow and you should check with the official websites of the countries in which you are interested.

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