Is there a pent-up holiday demand?

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From the travel industry has come a raft of press releases suggesting that as soon as we are allowed we will be heading off on holidays. Is this anything more than an industry trying to talk itself up and us in to thinking that if everybody else is holidaying we should as well.

Are we all longing for a holiday break?

For a start we can discount any information that comes from searching through which words people are Googling. A search isn’t a booking and may not even be an indication in a holiday destination unless it is linked such as “Bliss-on-Sea” and “holiday.” Even then it might take twenty searches to lead to a booking.

Because high street travel agencies aren’t open for us to gauge reactions from potential holidaymakers we are left with online information and that is biased. It is biased just to those who have computer access at home since most of us are still working or being furloughed.

But from those sources we have a couple of bits of information. Airbnb has seen a rise in bookings for holidays in Germany, Portugal and South Korea but those are coming from people living in those countries, Yes, they are all domestic bookings.

And, when you think of it, domestic holidays will probably be the first holidays to recommence. We feel safer in our own countries, we can get back home easily if we need to and driving keeps us cocooned from the rest of the world thus enhancing our feeling of being safe. has also reported seeing a strong rise in those booking holidays within their own countries from dates starting in July. It says that it has seen an increase of 140% in bookings for London this week compared to last week but, for all we known, London had few bookings last week so what does 140% really mean in the numbers of bookings. Manchester bookings were up 300% but would you want to holiday in a metropolitan area with potentially millions of other people being around?

I would have though rural and seaside areas had more appeal.

Surveys say that there is this pent-up demand but what people say in a survey and what they eventually decided to do may be completely different.

And do many of us even have the money to afford holidays?

Just chatting to those I meet in our village (the Miss Marple policy of small villages reveal all that there is to understand in life) tells me that people are wary of taking holidays and only a very few are considering going overseas.

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