Overseas holidays – yes or no?

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Are the chances of an overseas holiday receding?

summer holidays could be more than just a secluded campsite

One day I feel there is hardly a chance of a summer getaway. The next, I gain confidence as some little chink appears like a politician wavering in their answer.

But on Thursday last week, the travel industry got hit quite hard by news that a second wave might be having an impact. Certainly Brazil, some states in the USA, India, Pakistan, Mexico and Chile do not seem to have peaked whilst there is some concern that countries will not bounce back very quickly or as quickly as was hoped.

Wednesday last week saw the highest number of coronavirus infections that had ever been recorded so is it any wonder that unease set in. What happened to the words of the politicians who said that in twelve or so weeks we would be moving out of the pandemic?

It very definitely is still here. It could be that lockdowns might have to be re-introduced is some countries or areas of countries later this summer. Some medical boffins are concerned that next winter could see a resurgence unless a vaccine is found by then.

All of this weighs heavily on airlines and travel related shares. Thursday gave them a shock – and us travellers – because it seems to suggest that stock markets don’t think there will be much of a revival in international travel.

But on Friday there was a bounce back but it still left most travel shares like TUI, Ryanair, easyJet, On the Beach, Carnival, (who own so many cruise lines) Dart, (owners of Jet2) and Saga unimproved or down on the week.

The Playa la Puntilla in La Gomera. We might have an overseas beach holiday instead of camping

The much discussed bubbles or travel corridors have yet to be agreed but politicians will work hard to allow some sort of travel just because they are even more concerned about the economies of their countries.

So there will be holidays in Europe. Even that great man of caution, Mark Drakeford, (the Welsh first minister) is hinting that there will be a summer tourism season in Wales. There is also another reason why international tourism will happen. Politicians are frightened by the prospect of more internal strife in the wake of the racism demonstrations. They see more signs of discontent and are looking for ways to assuage it. A holiday abroad could be the ticket if you’ll ecuse the pun

For those reasons, I have talked myself around to saying there will be a summer international tourism season. It might exclude places such as those where the numbers are still increasing. It may only be with those countries where the number of deaths or contagion is similar to that in the UK and Ireland but it will happen.

Today I am confident. But what about tomorrow?

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