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As we move further into lockdown reductions the UK government has issued guidelines designed to minimise coronavirus flying risks.

airports will practise distancing for all but familiesbefore we board but on a plane that will be impossible.

It isn’t alone in providing guidelines as many airlines have come up with similar approaches but that hasn’t stopped our favourite agitator in support of the airlines, Michael O’Leary of Ryanair from lambasting some of the guidelines.

In particular he is objecting to the rules that say all baggage should be checked in.  The guidelines don’t say that. They just ask you to “minimise” hand luggage but whoever got headlines by agreeing or telling the truth?

And the travel press and most of the mainstream press are reporting that the government has banned hand luggage so O’Leary has done himself proud!

He says that if passengers carry their own hand luggage and place it in the overhead lockers or under their seats there is less chance of infection because only they will be handling it. He has a point and there seems little point in putting everything in the hold (certainly laptops and anything with lithium batteries is unlikely to be acceptable to go in the hold) other than because many airlines will be sanitising all luggage as it goes into the hold whereas hand luggage won’t be sanitised.

It will also mean it will probably take longer to board hold luggage and he – and all airlines – might be charged a higher amount to load the luggage.

The guidelines also say that all passengers should carry masks but wearing them is not mandatory unless it is a rule of the airline. It makes reference to young children and those with breathing conditions who may not wish to wear them

The guidelines also say that people should wash their hands after touching surfaces which passengers will surely do as they board and deplane. For longer flights additional face masks should be brought, the guidance says, but how long should a mask be worn before changing it? How many masks would I need, for example, for a 24 hour flight to Australia?  

Of course all this advice is immaterial at the moment since we are advised not to fly! Unless the government is planning on letting us fly soon.

The guidelines can be found by clicking on the link above or going to

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