Calamity – another shortage

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Momentarily there was panic in our household this morning. Thankfully it has abated and life has returned to the new normal.

mamite jar in bag for liquid items inspection
What every traveller needs!

It is yet another consequence of the coronavirus

What sparked this panic was the news from Unilever, the foodstuffs to detergents international conglomerate. It was reported as saying that it had experienced a shortage of yeast.

Apparently it buys yeast from breweries to enable it to manufacture one particular product. As breweries had been producing less beer there was less yeast and therefore a basic ingredient of one of its products meant that that less product could be made.

The name of the product?


Consternation lasted for a minute since Marmite is a household staple and I dread to think of how much we go through or how much we have contributed to the Unilever coffers over the years. Some people – who will remain nameless – even take it on holiday with them in case it is unavailable elsewhere.

What B&B, guesthouse and hotel in the UK can call itself one of the best if it has no Marmite on the breakfast table?

That other well-known alternative, Vegemite – seems no substitute for those who need their daily fix of the gloopy, black stuff.

I was awaiting a demand that I immediately go and queue up at any supermarket I could find within a reasonable distance and bring back all I could find regardless of cost and inconvenience.

Luckily Unilever say that the problem is temporary and that, now breweries are producing again in the belief that pubs will be opening soon, they will have yeast supplies shortly and they can ramp up production of Marmite to overcome any shortages.

We have a spare jar in the house so calm was restored. We can survive a few more weeks but in this week’s shop I had better get another jar just in case.

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