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Today, June 8th is when quarantine starts for those flying into the UK. It will last 14 days, involves self-isolating for all those unless you are arriving from Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. It also doesn’t include transit passengers.

Algarve -beach vista
The Algarve in Portugal. Will the UK and Portugal create the first air bridge later this week?

The whole plan has raised a great deal of contention with  about 400 companies in the travel sector having written to the government objecting to it as laid out whilst three airlines have written demanding a judicial review of the government’s action.

Initially this quarantine will occur for three weeks and then be reviewed so from the 29th of June the government has to extend it, amend it or do away with it.

That is about the time that many countries have decided that they will open up their borders to international travel and my bet is that the quarantine rules will cease about the same time.


Because, regardless of where the virus is in its trajectory, economics are beginning to rule over health issues. Unless the demonstrations over the weekend lead to a second surge of cases, the government wants industry to re-open and the travel sector will be part of that. It seems to be looking for a face-saving formula so that it can rescind the quarantine and air bridges seem to be the answer.

Portugal has said an air bridge agreement could be signed this week. There has been talk of one with Australia as well but Australia seems far ahead of us in the virus trajectory.

In the meantime despite all the shouting and moaning by airports and airlines, very few people will be allowed to fly into the UK anyway. France still has seven days left of its quarantine period, Spain has longer and only Greece, Italy and Portugal seems ready to accept Britons now.

And will the EU allow one of its members to have an air bridge without others having something similar?

Despite the hot air being talked around quarantine, I really cannot seeing it last long and, yes, I do now see a summer holiday season for us in Europe although how many of us will go is an entirely different matter.

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