The end of buffet meals?

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Resorts and cruise ships would seem to be signalling the end of the buffet meal.

There are buffets and buffets. Festival Toute la Mer sur un Plateau. Image -Office de Tourisme, Granville

The reason is, of course, coronavirus since organisations are removing everything from their offerings that might involve people congregating or accessing the same things.

For many it will be a welcome feature. For others, it provided choice and you could take as much or as little as you liked.

Some destinations like the Canaries will keep buffet meals but the food will be behind protective screes and single portion plates will be covered. You will be served by staff rather than you helping yourself.

Those who will have no tears for the end of the buffet – however temporary or permanent it will be – will be grateful not to see the endless same things that they have been used to seeing in the past. Gone will be that nagging doubt that the same food has been served up for meal after meal witness by the curling lettuce and dry carrot shavings in the salad. No-one other than the hospitality industry knows the length of time that salad leftovers, meats, cheeses and other cold items have been recycled into various other buffet meals.

Those on half or full board who have witnessed the same spectacle which, at the beginning of the week seemed tantalising and which by meal fourteen – seven days later – had turned into something that they never wanted to see for the rest of their lives, will be cheering.

Those who say a buffet as an opportunity to gorge on as much as they could eat – provided they finished by when the restaurant closed – will be disappointed and will have to settle for whatever is served from the limited menus that we are told will either be seen on our mobiles and notepads or read out to us by a waiter dressed in protective garb.

Of course not all buffets are so drearily boring; some have been changed day after day and thus managed to maintain interest amongst travellers. But most, in my experience have not and well do I remember at one large hotel going down to dinner, facing the same yet again and turning tail and heading for the nearest place that sold any sort of food. I was at the stage where I might have even eaten something which – under any normal circumstance – I wouldn’t have even considered like chocolate dipped locusts or mushy peas!

Does this also mean the end of the Sunday carveries as well?

Life could be looking up.

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