How Thailand considered attracting tourists

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A few days ago, Just about Travel considered the plans of Cyprus and Japan to encourage more international tourism.

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Thailand considered free travel insurance to attract visitors

Both have advantages and it brought to mind a proposal from Thailand that it considered.

Some years ago when there was civil disturbances in the country and the number of international tourists dropped almost overnight, one of the measures Thailand was reported as discussing was to issue free travel insurance to all those visiting.

Considering that travel insurance policies usually cover you for cancellation, delays, loss of baggage and personal items, some health cover and repatriation, this would probably be enough to encourage some people to travel.

For a country like Thailand which – I think – has only had 57 coronavirus connected deaths at the time of writing, this free travel insurance approach could be the attraction that overseas visitors need. Provided, that is, that Thailand was convinced that incoming tourists wouldn’t bring the virus will them.

Why are Britons not travelling?

Because its government advises against it.

 But that is advice and it isn’t mandatory. I have been to countries where I was advised by the British government that I shouldn’t go and yet I was perfectly safe. But governments have to be seen to be protecting the many not just the few.

If any country followed this plan and provided free travel insurance then it would drive a coach and horses through the policy of the UK government. Its “don’t travel advice” has the effect of negating the vast majority of travel insurance policies that are bought by UK residents.

At a stroke – and provided that there were flights and tour operator holidays freely available – an overseas destination is opened up to the millions of Britons who travel abroad on holidays.

It would also make domestic travel insurance companies seriously consider the clauses in their policies.

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