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About a fortnight ago, TUI issued a ten point plan about hygiene and standards in the hotels and resorts that it owns and operates. It includes brands like Robinson Club, Riu, TUI Magic Life, TUI Blue TUI Sensatori, TUI Sensimar and TUI Family Life.

Previously the company had announced that it has cancelled all its beach holidays until June 11th and its cruises up until June 30th.

Now it has amended the dates so that all beach holidays are cancelled up until the end of June and cruises up until the end of July.

That has only moved the beach holidays back by two weeks suggests that they are getting a bit more optimistic about holidays in the summer holiday period but not necessarily about restarting their cruise business.

For those of you who might be tempted to take a TUI holiday here are the ten things that TUI is putting into place to ensure our safety whilst staying in their hotels.

1) Online check- via the hotel’s website or via their smartphone.

2) In public areas such as in the restaurants, corridors or gyms, all employees are required to keep a distance of 1.5 to two metres between them and the guests. For example, tables in restaurants will only be cleaned when guests have vacated them.

3) Staff will work together in fixed teams in order to reconstruct possible infection chains.

4) There will be limits to those visiting restaurants at the same time and tables will be set up at a minimum distance of 1.5 metres apart.

5) Because of the necessary distancing in restaurants, the opening hours of restaurants and other hotel facilities will be extended.

6) Only events, sports and entertainments involving a small number of participants and without close contact will be available such as golf and tennis but football is out. TUI also says that “The spa offer will be adapted” but doesn’t explain how and it also says that “childcare will be organised according to new standards in line with the requirements of the destinations and guests’ countries of origin.” Once again it doesn’t go into details as to what that means.

7) The number of sanitising dispensers (it calls them disinfectant dispensers) will be “significantly increased”

8) In hotel rooms there will be “extensive new cleaning practices.” It goes on to say that “All rooms will be thoroughly deep cleaned before the arrival of guests and the same intensely robust cleaning protocols will be applied during every guest change over.”  

9) Buffets will be reduced to a minimum. (Many other companies and cruise lines have done away with buffets entirely.) Wherever possible, TUI says that food and beverages will be served to guests by staff wearing protective masks. Some hotel chains have done away with restaurants entirely and will only deliver food to rooms.

10) TUI will train all employees in its own hotels in the standards it has set.

There is nothing about temperature testing on arrival so Just about Travel assume that they are relying on airports and airlines to carry out any tests required.

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