Do Cyprus and Japan show the way?

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In the last couple of days, both Cyprus and Japan have announced plans to stimulate their tourist seasons. Both are entirely different but will either work?

Aphrodite Rock in Cyprus
the Aphrodite Rock in Cyprus. Will the Cyriot plan induce us to holiday there this year?

Cyprus announced yesterday that it would pay the medical, accommodation and food bills for visitors contracting the virus once they had landed in Cyprus.

Japan says that it will financially support the cost of holidays in Japan so that the discounts that tour operators and airlines can offer is greater than might be expected.

Which – if either – would appeal to potential international visitors?

The message that Cyprus is putting out is that they are so confident of the suppression of coronavirus on the island that they consider it safe. Promising something that they hope never to have to do will almost prove to potential visitors that it is safe to holiday there. Cyprus will be relying on temperature checks at connecting airports to show up any potential cases which would stop those people flying in the first place.

It is quite a courageous plan because a person may only develop symptoms after arriving on the island. Would those visitors be treated or will Cyprus say that it was contracted before they arrived and which would probably be true? If a person contracted the virus on Cyprus there is a reasonable chance that symptoms may not appear until they had left the island so will Cyprus pay? Probably not in that case.

The approach Japan is taking is based on a belief that money plays a part (how much is anyone’s guess) in determining a holiday destination. Offering substantial discounts – and this would have to be more than 25% to make it eye-catching – would swell tourism numbers. The advantage of this policy is that he money could be switched on and off as tourism numbers rise so those that book quickly would probably get the best deals.

Or will Japan’s approach encourage us to visit Mt Fuji and other Japanese attractions?

But to repeat myself, will either solution attract visitors in the numbers that both destinations want?

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