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The holiday price comparison website,, has produced a useful guide to our changing holiday thoughts.

When are you thinking about booking your holiday? This is Lanikai Beach on the Hawaiian island of Oahu

Prior to coronavirus most of us probably had an idea of where we wanted to holiday or at least had reduced thoughts to some options.

As the virus start infringing on our plans, people began to wonder whether summer would be open for international travel.

As lockdowns began, people began looking at the autumn and some even converted holidays to the same month but in 2021. The best we had to see what people were doing was apocryphal information.

Now  has looked at search and booking activity through its site and spotted that the most popular search dates undertaken last week were all in 2021. Remember though, that icelolly is just one site and it wouldn’t necessarrily represent how the country is thinking.

Previously, June 2021 was the most popular search. That has been replaced by May 2021 which, only a month earlier, might suggest that people are becoming more confident about holidays next year. But September 2021 has seen the greatest increase in search dates on the website.

What we aren’t seeing is a fondness for 2020 dates.

But last week was before some loosening of the lockdown took place. It was before Spain announced it would re-open in July. It was before Greece suggested it would re-open and it was before the German leader, Angela Merkel suggested that all EU nations should consider removing travel restrictions. Only Portugal had said it was ready to re-open as soon as the EU decided on its policy.

If a week is a long time in politics then it is a planeload away from people’s ideas changing. When releases data from this week’s searches it would be my bet that some months this year were attracting a lot more attention.

Whereas a few weeks ago I was pessimistic about whether there would be much overseas travel from the UK this year now I am beginning to waver. That is despite the UK government still have a travel advisory against all overseas travel.

But there is a chink of light and the stock market is also wavering having seen travel companies amongst the sharpest risers yesterday.

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