Today is the beginning of English Tourism Week.

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Over the years I have pondered on why this week takes place just as it does in Scotland and Wales at other times of the year. Quite frankly I haven’t found much value in it other than for people in tourism to talk shop.

English Tourism Week so go out for a day but don’t clog beaches like Margate.

However in the past Visit England has been at the fore in highlighting parts of the country and offers which consumers can be a part of as opposed to just the travel experts.

But this year is different.

I cannot remember a time when tourism and travel occupied so many lines of copy in the newspapers and media. It’s all down to coronavirus of course and the big questions are when will be able to stay overnight and explore our own countries and when will we be able to travel abroad.

Even I, as a so called expert, have been asked for my opinion on how things will change!

Tourism is a vital part of the economy and you and I are key cogs. Without us taking day trips, weekend breaks and holidays a vast number of people would have no jobs and local economies would be much smaller than they usually are.

The virus has killed tourism stone dead or at least sent it into hibernation like Rip van Winkle or Sleeping Beauty. We – all of us – are the handsome prince who comes along and awakens tourism with a kiss – the kiss of money being spent, beds being booked and attractions being visited.

Last week Oliver Dowden, the Culture Secretary who has overall responsibility for tourism although there is a junior government spokesman specifically briefing on tourism, even mentioned tourism in the coronavirus daily briefing.

Not since David Cameron made a single speech on tourism has it received this much attention. Finally, governments and individuals are realising how important it is to our wellbeing. Perhaps this new found realisation will outlast the pandemic.

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