Spain re-opens in July

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On Saturday afternoon, the Spanish government announced that the country would re-open for international visitors as from the beginning of July.

a beach in the Canary islands
The Canary Isles – one of the most popular destinations for Britons if they can only get there

The prime minister almost crowed when he announced that that there would be a tourist season this year. He urged destinations, attractions, museums, galleries, restaurants and bars to get ready and told Spaniards to start planning their holidays.

Businesses will open today and some degree of normalcy will resume in most of the country with Madrid and Barcelona being the last two regions to emerge.

It sounds as though the obligatory fourteen day quarantine procedures from anyone entering Spain will have been lifted by the end of June so – provided a country says you can travel – Spain will welcome you.

The UK is one of those countries where advice is not to travel abroad, It also has a 14 day quarantine period for all visitors and travellers including Britons coming in  from places other than Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

For Britons, it is insignificant if Spain is open to them visiting them if their own government advises them not to because, as readers will know by now, travel insurance would be invalid in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred. Given that most people only take a fortnight’s holiday, who can afford to go abroad when faced with being unable to go to work on their return for fourteen days?

As things stand, Spain will be of little practical interest to most Britons for this summer.

However all could change.

The British government may operate its quarantine period for just a short time leaving July and or August viable for overseas holidays. It might agree a “corridor” with Spain leaving people to freely travel between the two although that might fall foul of the EU commission.

British tour operators had largely given up on a summer holiday season. Now there is a little bit of hope for them and they might start scrambling to get some holidays in place.

And hope for us too!

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