Another bank holiday?

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Today is a bank holiday although some might be forgiven for not knowing that as, during these strange times, one day slides into another they all seem much alike.

NHS rainbow adorning a shop window

Not to the tourism industry where a good trading bank holiday can substantially tot up its takings to the benefit of the local economy as well.

Having lost Easter and the early May bank holiday plus this one as well, there is a campaign to insert an additional bank holiday to coincide with the Monday in the October half-term. The benefits, it is claimed, could be as high as a £200 million boost to the economy.

Just about Travel has previously suggested dropping one of the May bank holidays and having a separate bank holiday in October due to the long period of nearly four months between holidays from August to December.  Scotland, of course, does have a public holiday during this period in honour of St Andrew.

The usual arguments for not having another public holiday are usually economic ones centring on how much a holiday would cost in lost production. Given what we have lived through this year and the number of days lost to work, another day won’t matter much.

In fact the day could be called something like NHS Day and be a celebration of the achievements of key workers during the pandemic, achievements which might be recognised now but which will surely be more greatly appreciated as the years go by.

Calling it by such a name is unlikely also to raise any business criticism and would be widely acceptable to all of us.

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