Is this what flying will be like?

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Like airlines around the world, the Australian airline, Qantas has been hot by the COVID-19 outbreak.

What will it take for you to get in a plane again?

Like all airlines around the world it has to develop plans for making airline passengers and its staff safe whilst flying and passing through both an arrival and departure airport although, for that, it relies on the airports.

Like all airlines… No that’s probably not true. But like most airlines, it probably will offer deep discounting to attract us to fly with it.

The suggestion is that it will start with a single $A19 airfare for a 600 mile flight from Sydney to Melbourne. That’s about £9 a fare I can’t remember seeing before apart from very limited “flash” promotions.

Ryanair has also suggested deeply-discounted fares will be its way to entice passengers to return.

But will price be sufficient to drag us to travel in aluminium tubes (as the boss of Ryanair calls them) again?

The boss of Qantas agrees with Ryanair I that social distancing on a plane is impracticable. It won’t make wearing a mask mandatory but recommends it and it thinks airports will temperature test you before you are allowed to board. It will supply masks, wipes and sanitisers to all passengers.

The idea of blocking off the middle seat as suggested by easyJet a few weeks ago seems to have gone by the board.

This seems to be the common approach that airlines are likely to take which leaves one vital element. The air that is circulated in the cabin.

Qantas says that air conditioning on its planes were fitted with hospital-grade HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Filters ) filters, which removed 99.9 per cent of all particles, including viruses. But it says that that the cabin air will be refreshed every five minutes. That the air is changed every five minutes is long in comparison to some airlines that say they will change air every two to three minutes.

Airlines seem to been on the same wavelength about how to get us to fly again.

What we need to do is to feel confident to do so and only then, pick a bargain.

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