Can’t wait for a McDonald’s

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Some McDonald’s opened yesterday. Just 33 of the drive through’s opened for business and it seems they immediately became popular. BBC Essex reported that there were queues of an hour to get to a site in Chelmsford and media reports that the police had to be called to control traffic at another one. Apparently outlets were almost besieged in Peterborough, Sutton, Watford and Dublin as well.

Fast food is a tourist attraction

Sky News thought the story so important that it listed every single one of the drive-throughs that was open.

If McDonald’s planned this and paid people to queue up (of course they didn’t) they couldn’t have got better publicity and more coverage. In media buying terms the publicity must have been worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

There isn’t a McDonald’s within thirty miles of where I live and because here in Wales we still have tighter controls on movement and can only travel locally (as is the same in Scotland) I am unlikely to see how busy these take-aways are. Nor am I able to ask people why – as one of the first things they do when allowed to do – a Big Mac or whatever is at the top of the list of things to eat.

What I would look forward to would be better quality fruit and vegetables than the ones our local supermarkets stock. We don’t have a greengrocer in either our village or the nearest town and the farm shops (more than a few miles away but still considered to be local) have been closed.

Even then I doubt whether I would queue for an hour to buy from them. Whilst it would be a pleasant change to have better fruit and veg, wasting an hour of my life sitting in  a car defeats any enthusiasm I might have for better tasting carrots and caulis.

I can only think that in Chelmsford, (and the other places) the ability to travel and see what natural beauties that there are locally  means that the only tourist attraction that some people see in the city is a fast food outlet!

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