“Clean & Safe” Portugal

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Portugal has announced that it is ready to receive international tourists as soon as the EU gives the go-ahead

This is what the traveller should look for

But how has it prepared for this day and safety does it offer the traveller?

Not just tour operators and airlines have to convince us that all is safe. Destinations will also have to play a significant role in persuading us that places that we would enter, stroll through, stay and eat were as clean as possible

Portugal has come up with a scheme called “Clean & Safe.”

Turismo de Portugal will distinguish companies that implement all the hygiene and safety protocols defined by the Portuguese authorities by presenting them with a stamp which they will display.

This stamp provides a guarantee of safety and confidence from those tourist activities that meet all the cleaning and hygiene requirements promulgated by the Portuguese authorities for the prevention of Covid-19 and other infections. 

This recognition will be valid for only one year and it requires the implementation of an internal protocol according to the recommendations of the General Directorate of Health of Portugal, for the necessary sanitation required to avoid risks of contagion, and guarantees the operation of tourist activities in safe conditions.

Lest potential holidaymakers think that this is the be all end all, it is not. Other initiatives and measures will be added as and when they are developed and approved.

As the tourist board says, the ultimate goal is to reinforce security at the destination, as well as the confidence of the tourist. These will cover golf courses, beaches, hotels, restaurants, bars, marinas and recreational ports, car rental companies, water parks and tourist entertainment companies, among others.

Just as importantly, these places will be supervised so, although the stamp lasts for a year, attractions will not just be able to get the stamp accreditation and forget about hygiene and sanitising until the renewal date rolls around

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