No cruises to the Seychelles

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One of the most popular up-market destinations in the world – the Seychelles in  the Indian ocean – has decided to ban all cruise ships visiting it until the end of 2021.

La Digue, Seychelles
La Digue in the Seychelles. No cruise visitors wanted

Does this tell us that the country things the pandemic will be still be hitting countries hard for the next eighteen months or so or does it fear that there will be no vaccine before then?

Or does it think that there is little way that cruise ships can be made safe? Maybe it thinks that passengers will be wary of holidaying on cruises for the next year or so

All that the tourism minister said was that it was a precaution in case there was a second wave.

With just eleven cases and no deaths, according to the John Hopkins monitoring team, Seychelles isn’t even in the top 150 countries for having infections.

Is the country just be super careful even though a ban on cruise ships could hurt the country’s economy not just this year but next as well?

Cruise ships aren’t the only source of tourism money. Most people fly in (at present the airport is closed until June 2020) and there is no suggestion that international flights would be banned until the end of 2021.

Nonetheless, Seychelles has taken a very decisive step. Itineraries for cruises are set up months and months in advance. Once cruising becomes viable again, cruise companies will sell itineraries and try to stick to them. To re-introduce the Seychelles at short notice will not be easy unless there are weather or political problems with those destinations already on that cruise.

It could be that the destination has also decided that cruise ships might be causing more trouble than they are worth. Some destinations (Venice is an example) even wonder if cruise ship visiting is a drain on a local economy and irritating to year-round residents.

Whatever the reason, the decision is, economically, a courageous one.

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