This is a key weekend

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This is the key weekend

llansteffan beach
Beach destinations will be hoping you don’t visit them in large numbers

For those living in England, this weekend is the first one in many weeks when people can travel further than the local area.

For the rest of us, the rules of our devolved governments apply meaning that we can only travel locally.

And, in many parts of Europe and the world where borders have re-opened it will be the first opportunity to spread further afield.

For many then, this is the weekend of the day tripper.

In England the RAC has estimated that 15 million might hit the roads. For tourism officials in Cornwall, Devon and almost every seaside resort in the country there was concern about beach invasions by out-of-towners and the fear that they might import the virus by not following social distancing requirements.

Scottish and Welsh governments reminded the English that their countries were not open for visitors and, for some people, this will be the first time where devolved government has played a part in the everyday habits.

Abroad, Slovenia declared itself to be coronavirus free, Austria has opened its cafes and restaurants just as NSW in Australia has. The Vatican will open St Peter’s Basilica on Monday and the border between Zambia and Tanzania has re-opened.

What scientists, medical practitioners and governments will be waiting for is to see whether this weekend sees an increase in cases to such an extent that the lockdowns need tightening or whether it can continue to be loosened

Some countries remain unsure. Spain has introduced a fourteen day quarantine period and France has introduced the same for its Spanish neighbours. Norway has extended its travel ban until August 20th.  Ireland is introducing a 14 day period like the UK although the UK has still not said when it will start.

Back in the UK, the government in Westminster will be gauging what people do this weekend. The sense is that people are frustrated and tired of the noose around their way of life. If the weekend remains quiet and uneventful – in almost every way possible – that noose may be on its way to being lifted.

For those living in two of the other UK nations that abut England, Scotland and Wales it will give evidence as to when they might allow people travel further.

We won’t be able to appreciate what happens this weekend for a week and possibly a fortnight. Wherever you live in the UK or around the world, you will be hoping that there is no spike in cases.

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