Quarantine-free or not?

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Perplexed about whether the French can travel quarantine-free © Dan Sperrin

There is an element of confusion abroad in our world. Just about Travel, like many others sources of information, said that the French and Irish would not have to undergo quarantine restrictions when they entered the UK.

There is no problem for the Irish. They can continue to enter and leave freely or as freely as anyone can in these eerie times.

But the French?

Last weekend both the British and French governments said no problem.

On Friday night a doubt arose with the BBC quoted “the prime minister’s spokesperson” saying that no such exemption was in place.

Whilst on the face of it, this won’t matter to many Britons it does have potential concern and that is that if the French have to face quarantine, Britons will have to face the same if we enter France and then self-isolate on returning to the UK.

What might have brought about this reversal of thinking?

It could be because the EU – which has been lacklustre in its leadership during this outbreak – has warned both the UK and France than an exception can’t be made for one member of the EU. All for one and one for all is their cry yet Ireland is an EU member and will be allowed to travel quarantine-free to the UK

Probably the logic the EU will adopt is that Ireland has a pre-EU agreement with the UK called the Common Travel Area. It sounds like a typical fudge to allow the Commission to say it is standing up for all members whilst patently not doing so.

Whilst the BBC had run this story, France 24 still hadn’t picked up on it five hours after the BBC ran it. (Update: It was put up over twelve hours after the BBC ran the story and then as a pick-up from the newsagency, AFP.) Maybe it was news to the French government as well as well as their media!

Or has the BBC got hold of the wrong end of the stick?

Maybe the British government unilaterally decided to reverse its decision since its original thought had attracted criticism.

Wait another hour or so readers and all may change again!

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