What is a long-haul flight like?

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In The Guardian today is a story by Laurel Chor. It tells of her flight back from Paris via London to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong
Laurel Chor returned home to Hong Kong during the virus outbreak. It is a journey few of us would recognise

It describes her journey on a long haul-flight and, thus, may be what many of us might have to face if we decide to fly for nine, ten hours or even longer. Although the journey was made recently, could it be the way of things to come? At least until a vaccine is found for this canker that has changed all of our lives.

To top it off, when she lands in Hong Kong she describes the testing she has had to undergo before she is able to go home. Despite the many hours that she had to face an even longer time awaits. For now she had to face quarantine for 14 days.

Only then could she resume her life.  

Chor tells the story of her journey in a matter-of-fact way without recourse to flowery language and huge descriptive chunks of dialogue.

As such she tells a simple and compelling story but one which we might have to face if we might have to face if we decide to travel long-haul.

It is well worth a read.

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