Enter the 7th cavalry

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Like the seventh cavalry in old western black and white films, the EU rode up to try and save the tourism industry from a summer of desolation.

Those in the EU might holiday this summer but can Britons?

Or did it?

Wednesday’s document release and the announcement by its economic affairs commissioner, Paolo Gentiloni, that there would be a tourism season might have cheered up destinations and connected companies.

The document states that it all applies to all EU countries, not just Schengen ones.

But not everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

Sweden, for example, announced that it would extend its travel restrictions until July 15th.

Austria said that it wouldn’t yet consider opening its borders with Italy but was looking to open its borders with Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Cyprus, Greece and Italy are discussing cross border travel as well.

Portugal had previously announced that it would be open for international travel as soon as advice to do so was received from the EU.

That Gentiloni was at the forefront of the announcement makes sceptics like me wonder whether the announcement was taken on financial rather than health grounds.

Why didn’t the Thierry Breton as the commissioner responsible for the internal market and the man who most recently has talked on tourism announce the arrangements? Or the health or tansport commssioners?

Coming on the back of the announcements in the UK by Matt Hancock and Grant Shapps that an overseas holiday was unlikely for UK residents t looks as though tourism in Europe will be largely domestic. Which some countries that heavily rely on British visitors like Spain, Cyprus, Portugal and Malta might worry about.

It does look as though residents of France and Ireland will be able to freely travel between in and out of the UK so UK residents might be able to do the same. That supposes the FCO will lift its ban.

But what is emerging everywhere is that it will be difficult to maintain a lockdown for much longer.

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