Two ministers don’t make a summer

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Last month Just about Travel reported that the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, said that summer holidays are unlikely. On Tuesday morning, Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary said this summer won’t have “normal” international summer holidays.

Will we need a passport this summer or will a staycation be the choice?

In other words, summer holidays languishing in the sun in one of the Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek or Turkish resorts are not on.

Or are they? Ryanair will have a thousand flights a day running from July, Wizz have increased their numbers and others will follow.

Greece, Spain, Italy, France and other favourite destinations are slowly unlocking their countries, paving the way for a return to tourism. The Caribbean is still open. In Cyprus, Malta and Tunisia, there have been comparatively few COVID-19 deaths so might these be the destinations to make you think of a summer holiday abroad?

But your final decision might rest with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office ( FCO) and your tour operator.

Currently the FCO guideline is that you should not travel outside of the UK apart from “essential international travel, That means that your travel insurance will almost probably be invalid if anything happens to you.

If you are prepared to flaunt the advice and book an airline flight and accommodation yourself and forget travel insurance then you could travel. Provided you have time on your hands because you could still have to go into quarantine both on going abroad and on returning to the UK.

But returning to the UK means self-isolation not quarantine so might many people not obey? What will happen to them if they don’t follow the rules?

Will that threat be enough to put people off flying abroad?

Willie Walsh, the boss of BA’s holding company certainly seems to thinks so otherwise why would he have come out and so strongly criticised the government announcement?

There will still be temperature testing, wearing masks through airports and on the airline and longer queues to get through customs and security to distance-spacing.

Is this worth the hassle?

A holiday this summer with no hassle looks like one being just in the UK. And that is always supposing that the four governments allow you to move about and stay overnight something that hasn’t been decided upon yet.

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