Summer holidays abroad in 2020?

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In the last couple of days there have been some pointers about when international travel might occur again. Or not.

Cenevieres Castle in Lot in France might be able to welcome tourists soon. But they might just be from France.

The French president said on Tuesday that French people would probably not be able to go on foreign trips this summer and that even trips within Europe might have to be limited.

Yesterday, the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, also said that summer holidays were unlikely


Because most countries are concerned about a resurgence of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Any sign of that happening and lockdowns might be tightened.

From May 15th, those living in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be able to freely more between the three countries

From May 11th, the French can travel up to sixty miles from where they live and thus opening up the possibilities of day trips, short and weekend breaks and domestic holidays. The president also thinks that in early June he might be able to consider travel within France on a national basis rather than  just so many miles from home.

All depends on whether the number of cases grows as the lockdowns are relaxed.

In Greece, the prime minister said on Monday in an interview on CNN that July was a date that the government was considering for opening up its borders to tourism but – and this is a big if – the EU has agreed on health protocols for travel.

As a precursor to that the Greek government is consulting with travel organisations about how to open the country up and what rules there might be.

Because Greece has had so few cases, other countries such as Spain and Italy are looking at what happens when Greece relaxes its tourist rules. They will then probably open up as well if Greece successfully manages the transition.

Given that the UK in in this strange twilight position within the EU if the UK does not accept an EU health protocol, Britons may not be allowed to enter even if the British government agrees to lift the ban on overseas travel.

An article in biorX!V –  a website for peer unapproved medical stories (meaning that the articles haven’t been vetted by experts in the field for methodology and veracity,) – about Egypt suggests that the country won’t be ready to consider taking tourists for a while. It suggests that the peak for the virus will be as early as May 20th but it could be as late as July 18th. Whichever date you pick, international tourism to Egypt this summer looks unlikely as they will have to wait for some weeks after those dates to see a downward trend.

Even if countries open up to Britons when will the Foreign Office remove its ban?

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