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Exercising the little grey cells of countless airline bosses is when the public will start flying again.

Tunis Carthage Airport. When will we have confidence to fly again?

That decision will probably be made by politicians on the advice of health officials rather than the airlines or you and I.

IATA – the trade body for the world’s airlines has published some research suggesting that a bounce-back could come quite quickly once we get clearance to start flying again.

It polled a sample in a number of countries around the world and found that 14% would be likely to consider flying as soon as they were able. Since IATA carried out a similar survey in February this figure has dropped by eight percentage points. That is unsurprising given that in February few could have forecast the effect of coronavirus around the world.

Just under a half of those polled (47%) said that they would wait a month or two before flying again so you could concluded that about 61% of us would return to the skies pretty quickly. But the remaining 39% show less confidence. Just over a quarter of us (28%) would wait six months before resuming fling which, conceivably, could take us to the year end and 7% say they would wait a year or so.

Overshadowing all this is the impact of the economic downturn caused by Covid 19. That may deter some of us who might wish to fly but who remain hesitant due to the impact on our wallets.

The survey from IATA shows what might happen once restrictions are lifted. And there is the problem. Who knows when that might be. Some US states are talking of lifting restrictions but when IATA looked at what was happening in China, it would appear that consumer confidence is lagging well behind business confidence.

Countries will also be wary about allowing flights to resume too soon and causing a second outbreak of COVID 19.

Whichever way you look at the IATA results, 2020 is going to be very slow year for the travel industry

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