St George’s Day

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You may not have noticed it but today is St George’s Day. And also the day on which three eminent Englishmen died – Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Rupert Brooke. It is also UN English Language Day.

Shakespeares Birthplace
Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon but there will be no visitors this year

It is the day when St George’s flag might have been flying, Morris dancing might be happening and there might be a conversation about which county might have the best prospects in the cricket county championship this season.

But there is no cricket and going to the theatre to see a Shakespeare play is out of the question.

It will be a national day with little celebration.

In what seems a long time ago now, my wife and I went to the village hall for a bowl of cawl and some tea in celebration of St David’s Day. It was the last time we attended a gathereing where people mingled cheek by jowl.

By the time St Patrick’s Day came upon us, celebrations were muted with parades, processions and a visit to an Irish-style pub all not being an option.

The lockdown had begun.

The final national day in these islands is St Andrew’s Day at the very end of November. With luck by the time that comes around, Covid 19 will have less of an overpowering hold of us and we can celebrate a national day by going out for a walk or even a longish drive so we can bask in the countryside and its attractions that we are unable to truly enjoy at the moment.

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