Another three weeks

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Yesterday it was announced that we face another three weeks of lockdown.

I am lucky living next to open spaces. Many are not so lucky. Can they bear another three weeks of lockdown?

It isn’t that I have evidence or knowledge to disagree with the advice from medical advisors and other experts that have prompted government action it is just that I am one of the lucky ones and I feel for those trapped inside their homes.

I say lucky because I have a patio and a long garden. My garden abuts steep slopes that fall down to a river. In fact two rivers for they converge about two hundred metres from my house. I can take any number of paths and see nary a human being other than the occasional dog walker even in the height of summer when things are normal.

Yes I am lucky.

Not so those that live in towns and cities especially those in tower blocks. What can they see and experience of the Great Outdoors?

What can they do when four walls get the better of them?

Destinations have responded to the pandemic by placing virtual holidays or tours onto their sites. You could sit for hours watching one stunning location after another but you are still trapped behind walls.

In China, the lockdown in Wuhan was 76 days. So far we have had less than a month. Even after the next three weeks it will still be a shorter time than Wuhan residents experienced.

Can most people take another three weeks? We already have reports of idiots travelling when they have no need and visiting second homes that they needn’t. Will the vast majority be able to continue living the live they have done for six weeks without snapping?

The answer is that as soon as possible, rules must be relaxed and probably slowly over a period of time. But how to do that without people assuming that the very worst is over when only history will tell us the truth is difficult.

In the meantime I guess we’ll have to tolerate this macabre life of living on a crowded island but seeing few; of living on an island blessed with so many tourist attractions and gorgeous scenery without being able to visit any; of watching grandchildren grow up only on Facetime or video clips and of trying to avoid those tedious news bulletins which rarely carry any uplifting news just repetitious doom.

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