Passport Office will re-open

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The news today is that the Passport Office will re-open after Easter.

Who decided it was a “good idea” for the Passport Office workers to go back to their offices?

I have been mulling over whether this is good news and that the government is expecting us to be able to travel soon or merely one of those faintly funny Whitehall farce moments whereby someone just decided to open it again without having any real idea as to why.

Apparently the head of the passport office told people on Tuesday that the office would re-open.

A couple of points come to mind given that most of us are operating from home on government instructions and unable to travel unless we are in emergency or health services or have to go work because we cannot operate from home.

The first is that I wouldn’t call the Passport Office an essential organisation. Since we can’t travel to most places in the world is a passport vital at the moment?

Secondly passport officials aren’t in  the forefront of fighting the pandemic nor are they involved in delivering food and other necessary services. Nor are they involved in expediting any of the potential cures.

So why, when the government says we should stay at home and not mingle in crowds of more than a couple or so should passport workers have to trundle into their offices.

No doubt the workers have been promised social distancing in their offices but I haven’t seen that work in supermarkets I have visited so why should it work in offices?

Admittedly they can’t really work from home given the security implications and data protection issues of the information they handle. We are also in the process of converting EU passports into UK ones but is that enough for them to work, cheek by jowl in government office blocks?

If it isn’t there must be something behind this decision.

If that something isn’t a relaxation of travel planned or that there are is a huge backlog of passport applications to clear I cannot think why they should congregated in offices?

Neither sounds plausible but could I be completely wrong in suggesting a plausible reason?

Maybe it is just a Sir Humphrey moment.

Someone in Whitehall has decided that it would be a “good thing” if Passport Offices returned to work and thus, it comes to pass!

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