When will we travel again?

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At the weekend that decider of all things travel – the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)  – announced that they were amending the advice that they had previously given us about when we could travel again.

When can we holiday again? © Dan Sperrin

Originally, the advice was that travel up until April 16th was not allowed.

By “allowed” I mean that its advice would be considered by travel insurance suppliers as that any travel an individual made would negate their insurance policies. This decision also meant that anyone who had travel booked during that period  would most likely cancel or push the travel forward to after that date.

No the new advice is that any travel is advised against for an indeterminate time. That means that travel and holidays during late April, May, June and possibly into the summer holidays could be affected unless the FCO clarifies what it means.

As a holidaymaker and traveller, what should you do?

Do you postpone your holiday until the autumn or until the same time next year? If you wait until next year and the holiday is within an EU country what impact will the Brexit negotiations have on your holiday?

Should you cancel your holiday and accept a refund? Will your holiday company or airline issue a refund as it is legally required to do or will they offer a voucher? They are all cash poor at the money so they would probably prefer a voucher but if you accept it what happens if that company or airline goes bust during this virus outbreak? In such a situation, the ATOL bond does not apply.

Of course, the government may alter things so that vouchers do become covered by ATOL but to repeat myself, that is not the  current situation.

And as to the question of when we will be able to travel or fly again, who knows? Certainly not the travel industry, the government or even the medical profession. Your guess is as good as any ones.

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