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Trying to holiday or travel anywhere is extraordinary difficult in these times. Even wandering off to your local beauty spot has been made less socially desirable unless it is very close and you can socially distance yourself from anyone else there.

taking a virtual tour of the parthenon in Athens isn’t as good as the real thinG. Not by a long chalk. Image -© GNTO

Getting to a museum, gallery or attraction is impossible now that they are closed so what is the alternative?

Virtual visits

Destinations, attractions, museums and galleries are falling over themselves to provide virtual tours for you to look around what they have on offer.

Soon it will be difficult to find any destination that doesn’t have a virtual tour of its attractions.

I can see why they are doing it. It is too keep their names in front of us. It is to remind us so that when the good times come we will think of those places as we try and decide where to book.

There is nothing new about a virtual visit, holiday or tour. Organisations have been using them for years to entice us to book. But now that we cannot travel they have come to the fore and seeing a virtual realty tour is just about the only thing we will have left.

And yet it isn’t the same. Nothing like it.

I have toured galleries and museums, watched underwater activities, enjoyed local cooking classes and marvelled at wonderful landscapes.

Or at least that is what destinations and attractions would like to believe.

In fact I haven’t been enthralled or entertained. I have got easily bored and returned to a novel, gardening or catching up on work that has to be some time but who knows by when. I’ve even cleared a patch of ground that I haven’t touched for seven years.

There isn’t the right feeling, the right smell, the right attraction and nor is it making me think that I should book. It is just like watching a television programme and not a very good one at that because the skills in Hollywood are not possessed by many of the people who have put these virtual tours together. They have had to done the best they can and very quickly.

When I put it like that I think I must be ungrateful.

But how many other readers just don’t find virtual tours of much interest?

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