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One in four Britons has already booked a flight or holiday for when the coronavirus crisis is over.

walking in the New Forest with “friends.” Will 2020 be a year of staycations once the lock-down ends?

This is according to a survey which Holiday Extras carried out earlier this week.

This suggests either that they have second sight and know when this outbreak will cease or they are among life’s optimists.

Although the number of outbreaks in China is dropping as is the number of deaths what the country is finding out is that there is a second wife of people returning to China and bringing back coronavirus from the destinations which they visited.

On school of thought even suggests that international tourism will either be ruled out until a vaccine is available or until the virus is benign. Re-igniting it again with returning residents may just prolong the outbreak.

Preferring to side with the optimists, I’d like to think that I will be travelling later this year although where might be problematic. Countries will want to open the borders as soon as possible but not until they are secure that they won’t be extending the epidemic.  

The survey doesn’t reveal where people will go. Will there, for example, be antipathy to going to countries where the outbreak has been worst such as China, France Spain and Italy. Are most of the planned holidays, staycations?  How many are in large metropolitan areas where the virus has seemingly taken a stronger hold or are they in remote areas? Are people opting for outdoor holidays rather than hotel ones? How many have booked cruise holidays? All these questions are ones I and the entire travel industry would want to know.

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