On day one of the lockdown

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This time yesterday I was berating those who headed to tourist hot spots in droves at the weekend.

Will autumn be the next time we see tourism © Adrian Lawes

Stay in your local area and enjoy the sights around you, I suggested. That came after I suggested – only about a week ago that we get outside and see the British countryside

Then came Boris Johnson’s televised address last night and walking to local green spaces faded as an idea. Yes some parks will remain open for exercise once a day. But we have no parks in our village.

Luckily it is a village so houses have gardens and, if not, there are plenty of green spaces. It is easy to walk and meet no-one.

In towns and cities those people living in flats are no such luxury.

The government decision finally condemns tourism – even local tourism – into the rubbish bin for the spring at the very least. It doesn’t even look as though there will be much of a summer tourism season.

As it stands, any press releases I am getting are about autumn and next winter breaks. Hotels and car hire companies are falling over themselves to let me know of the deep-cleaning systems they are using in order to make their vehicles and rooms as safe as possible inside. It doesn’t matter much since we aren’t supposed to go outside except for a brief walk.

There is some goodish news. China has re-opened some museums and attractions and in  Italy the number of deaths has dropped for two days in a row. Could it be that Italy has seen the peak? If so ours might be just thirteen days away. Thirteen days which may seem to some as the longest thirteen days of the life.

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