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Yesterday I suggested that people go out and walk in their nearby green areas their parks and gardens their coastal paths and forests or woods. I also said that people should do it responsibly by keeping well away from other walkers and people trying to do the same thing.

Whilst it wasn’t like this in London’s Hyde Park yesterday, it was busy and people were close together.

In some parts of our countries that didn’t happen.

Mass media is carrying pictures this morning of busy beaches at Bournemouth, people in groups walking up Snowden and, further afield, of Bondi beach in the Australian city of Sydney where it almost looks as though there are more people than fleas on  a dog’s back.

This is not socially a responsible attitude to going out.

And, as a result of this infantile attitude by some people the rest of us might suffer.

Lockdowns might occur where we will not be allowed out without forms or notes revealing why we are out.

Measures like those in Spain and Italy might come into force whereby a curfew almost exists on people’s activities.

As it is, yesterday, I heard that public parks in Anglesey and Carmarthenshire are to close, thus depriving people of an opportunity to get a little fresh air and exercise.

Luckily, I live in a rural area where meeting more than a handful of people throughout the day is a rarity. But for people living in metropolitan areas or the surburbs, they don’t have that luxury. A walk in their nearest park would help relieved some of the strictures imposed. But, because of the idiocy practiced by some over the weekend, the opportunity to go out to the open-air near where we live might be curtailed.

In Germany gatherings of more than two people are now forbidden The same may happen here unless people are more responsible.

The government may be giving us one last opportunity to follow the guidance which is not that designed by politicians but by medical people; people whose very calling is for our well-being. If we don’t heed this advice and now, it is possible curfews and lockdowns on a scale that were unimaginable just six months ago may become the normal for the next few months.

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