A St Patrick’s Day like no other

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Whilst today is St Patrick’s Day it will be quite like any other St Patrick’s Day I have ever known. Some traditional events have taken place such as turning Niagar Falls green but such celebrations have been muted this year Not many sheep are are gambolling around in green green fleeces instead of white and parades, not only in Ireland but around the world have been cancelled.

Niagara Falls back in 2017 – illuminated for St Patrick’s Day

A virtual parade is not the same thing at all.

It’s all due to coronavirus, of course, that bolt from the blue that is disrupting ordinary life to a degree that few of us have ever imagined would happen.

It is also Evacuation Day in the US state of Massachusetts, which is a celebration by the good people of that state of when the British left in 1776. Some schools are closed for the day and government offices shut down as well.

Much the same sort of thing is happening in many countries. Schools are shut as well.

Whilst the British might have been unwelcome in 1776, they and almost every destination on the planet would like to see tourists again regardless of where they come from.

But that isn’t going to happen for a while.

I wish I could tell you how long it might be before you could become a visitor again and travel to where you want but I can’t.

Yesterday afternoon the UK government advised people not to visit pubs, restaurants and other places to socialise. They should also not take any unnecessary travel. The Irish government

Although visiting heritage sites – particularly open air ones – might not be considered as socialising, people cannot stay cooped up for long. A week maybe, even a fortnight but for months? Getting into the open air and visiting the immediate area in which you live as a family whilst staying a reasonable distance from other walkers might be one of options you might want to consider.

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