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If anyone knew what my job was over the last ten years the usual response is, “A travel writer; you must have been to some wonderful places,” closely followed by “What a glamorous life.”

Enjoying the countryside in Pembrokeshire yesterday

It has never been like that.

Yes you visit some fascinating places but you visit what a tourist board wants you to see unless you are rich enough to pay your own way. But you get up early, travel miles to see something, eat far more than you should or could and try to find the time to write as you go or you get lost in the mists of one place blending into another. You see far more of airports than anyone should do and hotel rooms that generally are only dissimilar in that they are in another destination. You live out of a suitcase largely only staying one night before heading off again.

No longer!

Coronavirus has made the life of a travel writer tough, particularly if you publish on an online site as we do at Just about Travel which requires that you be up-to-date.

What do you write about?

It isn’t easy to travel overseas at the moment because all of the popular places have restrictions either on travelling there or because, museums, attractions and galleries have been temporarily closed. And if you do travel there, onward travel can be difficult because of fourteen-day self-isolation rules.

Since yesterday morning and 9am today I have received over fifty travel advisories from the FCO informing me of different restrictions.

Some people are travelling like those on the Jet 2 flights yesterday that turned around mid-flight and returned whence they started. It’s a bit like those Concorde flights of many years ago when you just flew out over the sea and back again. Except that an Airbus or a Boeing doesn’t match the excitement of Concorde!

It will have to be a concentration on UK destinations for the next few days or weeks because at least I can travel there and get back without having to lock myself away.

And now that it is gradually getting warmer, getting outside and walking, caravanning or touring is a way to part isolate yourself and still see some of our beautiful countries.

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