A spot of optimism

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For travellers and holidaymakers there isn’t a lot of good news at the moment so when any comes our way it behoves us to pass it on.

the Devon countryside – a possible staycation hotspot this year?

For a start both China and South Korea are continuing to report a lower number of daily coronavirus patients. It is beginning to look as both countries are past the worst of it. If the UK follows the same timeline, then the experts might be able to calculate the light at the end of the tunnel.

In an interview on BBC Breakfast yesterday, John and Irene Hays from the Hays Group, the company which bought the Thomas Cook retail outlets, said that whilst holidays for summer were light, sales of winter holidays were up 177% and bookings were better than this time last year for summer 2021. They also said that summer UK based holidays were up. It looks like a staycation holiday may be popular this year but, once the outbreak is over, last munute bookings for our favourite resorts abroad will rebound quickly.

Many airlines and tour operators are being flexible on cancellations and postponements such as, for example, Air France, which has said that all bookings made prior to March 31st and due for travel before the end of May can be cancelled without charge, altered or transferred to another destination. British Airways,  KLM, American, Delta and United are other airlines who have announced similar policies. Check with any airline on which you are booked or with your tour operator because is in in the airline’s best interests to agree to any requests.

As readers will be aware, any number of airlines are cutting flights so BA, Norwegian, easyJet, Ryanair, Qantas, Cathay Pacific and Cebu have all announced a reduced number of flights. If a flight on which you were booked is affected then you should receive a full refund.

All the Britons on the Grand Princess in California are on a flight back home with, it seems, none having the virus although they will still have to self-isolate on arrival as a precaution.

And then this morning, interest rates were reduced by 0.5%. I can’t really see that this is going to help a great deal but, as my nan, used to say, never look a gift horse in the mouth.

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