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Almost 100 years ago in 1921, blue passports were issued for the first time to British subjects applying for a passport.

the new passport with the oold passport of thirty plus years ago. Image – Home Office

As from today it is a blue passport that you will receive instead of the burgundy coloured EU passport that we have had for the last thirty-two years

But the new passport won’t be like the hard back passport I remember. It will be much more like the EU passport we all know so well possessing a soft cover and being about the same size. The back cover will be different having its own symbolic design – the embossed floral emblems of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

The important thing to note is that you do not have to apply to get the new passport if yours has not run out. There should be no mad scramble to get the new passport because even if your passport says EU as mine does, it will remain valid until it expires. Some people will still be using the familiar burgundy passports until the end of the decade.

As you might remember because of the brouhaha at the time, at the beginning, the passports are not being manufactured in the UK but abroad. The details of the individual on the passport will be added in the UK.

Supposedly this passport will also be the greenest British passport ever according to the Home Office. It says that “the carbon footprint produced through manufacture – will be reduced to zero, through projects such as planting trees.”

There will also be new and updated security features, including “a hard-wearing, super-strength polycarbonate data page, which contains innovative technologies embedded into the document, to keep personal data secure” as well  as “the latest and most secure printing and design techniques, which means it offers better protection against identity theft and fraud and will be even harder to forge.” Only time will tell!

Standard passports will continue to contain 34 pages. Frequent traveller ‘Jumbo’ passports will now possess 54 pages.

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