Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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First the last days carnival in Venice were cancelled. Then the remaining day or so of the carnival in Nice went the same way. Switzerland banned all gatherings with over 1,000 people so the Geneva Motor Show went.

Will this be what destinations will be like during the next few months? © Dan Sperrin

In northern Italy where the travel industry has been particularly badly hit by the virus many museums, galleries and attractions are closed. The Italian travel industry has called upon the government to provide support for it as it tries to whether the problem of the coronavirus. Australian media showed pictures of an almost empty British Airways flight to an Italian destination and the airline has announced that it will cut back on flights to Italy. easyJet made a similar announcement.

Next week in Berlin some 35,000 travel industry people from around the world were to meet at one of the two biggest travel trade shows – ITB – in the world. In addition over a hundred thousand people would be expected to visit the show to pick up future holiday ideas. It was cancelled on Friday evening so some 10,000 exhibitors either had to cacel their journeys or return home if they had already started.

Just about Travel won’t be bringing you any stories from ITB this year!

This week the talk has been whether to cancel or not to cancel. Keep it open say some to show that the industry has confidence; close it say others because it could spread the infection. Earlier in the week, a number of Italian destinations pulled out just as some from the Far East and all of the China delegation had. Some travel writers and industry visitors that would normally expect to be there are reported to be staying away.

Cruise ships have been turned away from ports like Oche de Rios in Jamaica and Grand Cayman where a crew member on the MSC Meraviglia was found to be ill. The Fred Olsen ship, Braemar, – a familiar ship to British holidaymakers -has been refused permission to dock in La Romana in the Dominican Republic for a similar reason.

The US State Department has advised Americans not to travel on any cruises in the Far East and some ships are now avoiding Venice in Italy

Japan has closed all its schools. Universal Japan and Tokyo Disneyland have closed down until March 15th as have many museums. With the cherry blossom festival coming up in the next few days will there be any tourists to see it?

Even consumer travel publications like Just about Travel are not immune. Do we write about destinations and events that are happening now knowing full well that the majority of our readers are not going to travel in the next couple of weeks? Do we bring you a diet of depressing news stories about what isn’t open and where you can’t travel? Do we not mention the caronavirus at all thinking that you are probably tired of reading about it?

All in all, it isn’t a good time if you are in the travel industry.

But it isn’t a good time for holidaymakers and travellers because you have to make decisions too. Should you holiday outside the UK or not? Take a cruise or stay in a big leisure complex? Opt for a villa where there will be fewer people or go camping?

Or do you say the risks of being affected for the average healthy person are small and take advantage of the deeply discounted holidays that are available whilst bearing in mind that some attractions where you are going may be closed?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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