Have teabag, will travel

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If you are travelling abroad there are certain items that you always pack and which, you probably tell yourself, you cannot do without.

How many teabags should you take on holiday?

From my point-of-view, it includes my adaptors for different sockets around the world so I can re-charge my mobile phone and my laptop. That also tells you that my mobile and my laptop are also essential. I also have a jacket into which my wife has sown a number of extra pockets in the inside lining and into which I can put my wallet, passport, sunglasses, reading glasses, notebook, pens, mobile and a phrase book so I don’t have to lug around a rucksack.

Apart from that hotels can launder my clothes, shops can provide toothpaste and anything else I have forgotten and the rest I can do without.

That wasn’t always the case. When I regularly flew almost once a month to America I took teabags because tea never quite tasted the same but now I must be immune to the stuff they pass off as tea

It seems I’m not alone.

APH (Airport parking and Hotels) have surveyed British holidaymakers and found that about 17.5% of us take teabags (or coffee) with us when we travel. I wonder whether those responders have also wondered why they do it when the teabag splits in your wallet and you are left with black blobs falling out when you open your wallet to pay someone?

I used to take one teabag for each day I was away. This survey doesn’t say how much tea people were taking with them but it seems at least one person took their own teapot!

Overwhelmingly though, the thing we won’t forget are our mobiles. Since mobiles can produce better pictures than some old cameras can, I would imagine that that is just one of the reasons why they come with us. Nearly 47% of us cannot do without them for using Facetime, What’s App, texting and catching up with all the social media accounts that people seem to have. More importantly they contain bookings, flight details and other necessities of travel. That the bar codes don’t seem to work sometimes is immaterial!  

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