Venice carnival closes early

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The Venice Carnival, one of the most well-known events in the world, has closed earlier than it normally does because of the coronavirus.

carnival in venice
Carnival time in Venice has ended early © Italian National Tourist Board

Italy has the largest outbreak of coronavirus in Europe and, as a precaution, it has imposed travelling restrictions on two areas in Italy – Lombardy and Veneto – to try and stem any spreading of the illness.

In those two areas, people cannot leave or enter certain towns. There are ten towns in Lombardy and one in Veneto. Although cities are unaffected with any cases, there were precautions in Italy’s second largest city – Milan – and Venice has also imposed restrictions with all major events postponed until at least March 1st.

Everyone will be hoping that it spreads no further either in Italy or anywhere else in the world.

As yet the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice is just to follow the advice of local authorities. It doesn’t suggest not travelling to the two areas and for remaining Italian home game in the Six Nations, it has no advice. The women’s match between Scotland and Ireland was cancelled though due to the virus.

And tonight it was reported that Austria had refused entry to an Italian train on its way through the country to the German city of Munich because there were two people on the train who might have coronavirus. they hadn’t and the train contined

One theory is that the original infected person could have arrived on a cruise ship that docked in Venice. There is no proof that this is the case but it will concern the travel industry and holidaymakers who will be flying to Venice in the next couple of weeks in readiness for joining a cruise. Venice, along with Barcelona in Spain are the most popular points for joining Mediterranean cruises.

Will cruise companies decide to re-route their vessels away from Venice? Can you cancel or alter a cruise if you no longer wish to fly to Venice to catch it?

All of these questions will vex the Italian authorities, travel companies and holidaymakers over the next few days and weeks until medical personnel can track down and tell us more about this virus and its impact.

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