No more postcards for me

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A very long time ago when I used to holiday with my parents, part of the time was spent buying postcards in the souvenir shops along the sea-front. On rainy days – and we always seemed to have at least one of those – some time was put aside to write postcards. Put your name at the bottom, my mother used to say, so that you nan, aunt, neighbour knows that you are thinking of them.

Will postcards be dying out?

Sometimes it seemed more time was spent writing postcards to people I barely knew or to relatives I saw once in  a blue moon, than in playing in the rock pools or making sandcastles.

My father worked from home on a couple of occasions so postcards would come from London every few days each of them containing stick drawings of something he had done or somewhere he had been.

I’ve never been a prodigious postcard sender. In fact I can’t remember the last time I sent one but my wife always buys a wad to send to the grandchildren.

But not from now on.  A stand has to be made.

With the increase in postal charges just announced, grandchildren can make do with an e-mail, a text, a what’s app or an Instagram.

What does Royal Mail think it is doing by increasing the charge for first-class stamps from 70p to 76p and increasing second class postage from 61p to 65p? Both are well above inflation and unjustified.

I know where I can buy two postcards for the cost of the postage!

All it means is that fewer postcards will be sent. And probably fewer Christmas cards, Easter cards and cards for those annoyingly frequent special days like Mother’s day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Royal Mail is shooting itself in the foot. If it thinks increasing prices will help profitability then they are misguided, outdated in their thinking and plainly incompetent in their understanding of the digital world.  

All these increases will do is turn the IT generation away from postcards and the older age groups will send fewer. Profits will drop even more and Royal Mail will rely even more on its parcel side of the business.

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