The nicest airline?

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There are ever so many celebrations that have evolved – largely by PR agencies I suspect who haven’t any other ideas to promote products – and today is Random Act of Kindness Day.

Jetblue – perhaps the most successful of Neeleman’s ventures

It seems an appropriate day given that so many volunteers are helping those affected by the floods by providing shelter, food and replacement furniture.

To celebrate it, Jet 2 for example is giving away free meal boxes to children on its flights.  I am being nicer to all those TV adverts I cannot abide by turning them down instead of swearing at them.

Dave Neeleman in the USA is also into “niceness” by starting a new airline which, he says, will be the world’s nicest.

My first cynical thought is whether niceness is profitable or even wanted by passengers who are largely interested in a good deal.

But if anyone can bring this airline – called Breeze – to be nice it could well be Neeleman.

For those readers who don’t know, Neelelman is a serial airline entrepreneur. And in a business where success is often outweighed by failures, he has been very successful.

He isn’t as well known in the UK or Europe as he is in the USA where he founded Jetblue. This airline might be considered a low cost airline but it took on the large legacy carriers like American, delta and United in the very heart of New York. Flying mainly within the USA and the American continents, it has grown to be one of the most popular airlines amongst passengers because of its customer service.  

Since 2015, he and has partners have been the majority stakeholders in TAP Portugal

He also founded WestJet, a Canadian low cost airline that has flights from some Canadian airports to the UK and Azul, an airline in Brazil. Just five years ago he and his partners bought a majority stake in TAP Portugal, a familiar sight to British holidaymakers visiting the country.

Two years ago he announced plans for a new airline. Only now has it a name – Breeze – instead of the working name which was Moxy.

The purpose of Breeze, Neeleman says, to fly “between places currently without meaningful or affordable service.” He means places in the USA but at some stage might Breeze come to Europe?

The strapline for the new airline is “We brought humanity back to the airline industry with JetBlue.  Today, we’re excited to introduce plans for ‘the World’s Nicest Airline.”

Image – Breeze Airways

This is the man who rode in the back of Jetblue where the seats don’t recline so passengers could see he cared more about passengers and also the man who donated his salary to the airline’s fund for those employees who had fallen on hard times through no fault of theirs.

He is also talking about flatbeds in economy class in the future.

With that pedigree why shouldn’t he make a success of the world’s nicest airline as well!

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