Half-term woes

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For many, late Friday afternoon was the beginning of half-term week.

Thousands will have had their flights cancelled due to Storm Dennis

But with Storm Dennis (maybe named after Dennis the Menace, the children’s comic character) the half-term holidays got off to a nasty start.

Tens of thousands of people were affected by plane cancellations or delays. Others had imposed limits on railways, bus replacement services or outright cancellations with no alternative transport. Those who took to the roads faced traffic jams (the M25 was particularly bad) or road closures due to the effects of rain and wind.

As yet though, I don’t think roads have been closed due to trampolines being blown onto them as occurred last weekend when Storm Ciara showed we were nowhere as prepared as we could be.

What redress is there for those whose holidays have been affected by the weather?

If your flight is cancelled then the airline has a duty to put you on the next available flight provided it is within a reasonable time. If, for example, it only operates two flights a week to that destination then it should find you a seat on another airline that will take you to your destination faster.

Check your travel insurance to see if you can claim but many policies might regard this as an ”act of God”

If travelling by rail, then you can claim for the cost of the journey by applying to the train company involved.

Neither of these solutions will make up for having lost a day or so out of a week’s holiday.

You’ll just have to be a bit philosophical and put it down to just “one of those things.”

At least you aren’t as badly off as the unlucky ones who have had their houses and workplaces flooded, some for the second time this winter.

I’s also be prepared to bet that Dennis won’t be in top ten of boy’s names this year!

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