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Not sure where to start your planning? Take our family traveller quiz to figure out the type of trip that’s right for you. 

1. You travel with your kids because… 
a. You don’t, the idea of it is too terrifying 
b. It’s good to get away 
c. Travel teaches them so much 
d. You want them to have a different perspective

2. Before you had kids, what was your travel style? 
a. Happy to go most places but often with a tour operator 
b. Spontaneous city breaks on a regular basis 
c. Luxury all the way 
d. Stretching out a trip for as long as financially possible

3. Thoughts on having a daily routine? 
a. Ah, the security of stability 
b. Love it but still count down to the holidays 
c. Tolerate it while you plan your family’s next adventure 
d. Plan to ditch it and take the family around the world

4. What keeps you up at night when you think about taking your family on a trip? 
a. Working out where would be a good place to go first 
b. Health and safety concerns 
c. Money 
d. Working out where you can go next

5. What is your family’s preferred method of transport? 
a. Car 
b. Plane 
c. Train 
d. All and any of the above as long as we’re moving

6. How does your family handle the delays which inevitably occur when you travel? 
a. By not travelling 
b. By never leaving home without loads of snacks and a tablet 
c. By embracing the challenge and working out a plan together 
d. By taking delays in stride

7. How many bags do you travel with as a family? 
a. However many you need to fit in the kitchen sink 
b. Each person has their own suitcase 
c. You’re down to one shared bag and a cabin bag each 
d. A backpack for each person

8. How does your family arrive at an airport? 
a. You don’t fly 
b. On time with everything in the right bags 
c. With your bikes ready to go cycling 
d. With your enormous backpacks ready to go around the world

9. Your fellow passenger grimaces as you board with your babe-in-arms. Do you… 
a. Turn tail and get off the plane 
b. Start apologising profusely 
c. Smile sweetly and offer to buy them a drink 
d. Remind your child to kick the seat in front of them freely

10. Your kid has an accident or falls ill while you are on holiday. You… 
a. Decide you are going home 
b. Fly into a panic but then remember your first aid training 
c. Tell them to pull themselves together 
d. Calmly work out where the nearest doctor is and get them there

11. What’s your family’s idea of an adrenaline rush? 
a. The swings and slides in the local park 
b. Cycling downhill very fast 
c. The fastest, scariest rollercoaster ride you can find 
d. Floating over the Alps in a paraglider

12. Your kids prefer… 
a. Theme parks 
b. Museums 
c. Water parks 
d. Making friends with local kids

13. Which of these destinations is top of your family’s bucket list? 
a. Florida, USA 
b. Brazil 
c. Russia 
d. India

14. What kind of souvenir is your family most likely to bring back from a trip? 
a. A magnet 
b. A piece of art 
c. A new skill 
d. You have no room for souvenirs, just incredible memories

15. What kind of travel experience excites you? 
a. Trying local food 
b. Doing something you wouldn’t do at home 
c. Have a proper conversation with a local 
d. Arriving somewhere completely different

16. Which of these movies does your family love? 
a. Finding Nemo 
b. Secret Life of Pets 
c. Coco 
d. Moana

17. How do decisions get made in your family? 
a. Very slowly and methodically 
b. The children rule the roost 
c. It’s an absolutist state: the adults make the decisions 
d. Democratically: everyone should have a say

18. What do you believe is the most important lesson children can learn from travel? 
a. To read a map 
b. How to communicate with people you don’t know 
c. How to take risks and learn from your mistakes 
d. Flexibility, tolerance and understanding

Tanja Lagoon Camp, where four safari tents perch on the edge of a coastal lagoon fringed by eucalyptus forest. ©Jonathon Stokes/Lonely Planet 


You want to explore the world more but the idea of taking your brood abroad is daunting. Make the most of opportunities in your area and start planning that camping trip in a local(ish) national park you’ve always talked about doing. If camping isn’t your thing, book a rental place, pile everything in the car and just go. From little acorns do oak trees grow.

You are no longer taking baby travel steps, you’re a fully fledged travelling toddler eager to plunge headfirst into new things. This could be your first trip abroad as a family, or your first time venturing to a mid- or long-haul destination. Don’t run too fast though. Get personal recommendations, read family travel blogs and work out a trip which will be fun and with its challenges, but not too intense. After all, you’re working on a lifelong love of travel for your family here.

The kids are old enough now and you’ve done enough trips both domestically and internationally as a family that you are ready to take your family travel experiences to the next level. Sitting down with the kids and creating an itinerary around a specific activity or theme is a great start. But make sure you check out our list of ideas for adventures to really push the envelope.

You started small, you quickly went beyond your family’s comfort zone and you now have loads of stories to tell from your adventures together. You are a fully paid-up member of the adventurous family travel club. But what’s next? Go on, you know you want to! It’s time to take to the road permanently and try life as a world nomad family.

Reproduced with permission from The Family Travel Handbook, Lonely Planet © 2019

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