Portugal makes it easier for Brits after Brexit

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The Portuguese have confirmed that nothing will alter for UK holidaymakers during the transitional period up until the end of this year.

Algarve – a destination where Britons flock in their hundreds of thousands

Your EHIC card will still guarantee access to the Portuguese health service.

But, and this is important, if no-deal is concluded between the EU and the UK by the end of the year, the Portuguese have confirmed a decision made last year that it will have contingency measures to protect British nationals and their families living in the country, and for UK visitors to access healthcare.

However these won’t be free.

Turismo de Portugal has also announced the launch of #Brelcome Health, a campaign specially developed for British tourists visiting the country for heath treatments.  As part of the initiative, Portugal will offer high quality health care services to Britons at three of the country’s largest private healthcare providers – Lusíadas, CUF and Hospital da Luz, for a fixed price.  The services are available immediately and will be offered to British tourists irrespective of the Brexit outcome.

Regarding those that drive to Portugal, there are no changes this year to existing requirements. As from the beginning of 2021, if no agreement is reached, “the Portuguese Government will seek a mutual arrangement in this domain, with the United Kingdom.” I take that to mean that if we treat Portuguese drivers in the same way as we do at present, then the Portuguese will reciprocate.

All this comes on top of the Brelcome campaign which was launched earlier with the strapline, “Brelcome, Portugal will never leave you”.

The Portuguese link with the UK continues as, from the beginning of this month, the EU has appointed Joao Vale de Almeida to head an EU delegation to the UK, I suppose as a sort of ambassador.

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