Spain on the decline?

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From a study made by (the ones behind the annoying meerkat ads) using information from the International Passenger Survey (IPS) comes the conclusion that Spain is only the choice of 13.6% of people aged 25-34. The average is that about 17% of us travel to Spain so this age group is a couple of points below the mark. On the other hand if you are aged 65 and over then just short of a quarter of you would travel to Spain.

Giant pandas in China. Is this why China is popular amongst 16-24 year olds?

Although the data is from 2018, there is nothing more up-to-date.

Does this indicate that Spain is unappealing to the younger generations? Is it now seen as a destination for the middle aged and older?

What does appeal to 16-24 year olds? China which is an answer that I hadn’t expected. They are 1.6 times more likely to travel there than the average person. Amongst the next group, 25-34 year olds, it appears that Estonia is the most popular choice. I wondered whether Florida might appeal more but obviously not.

Slovenia is the top choice for 34-44 year olds and, for those aged 45-54, it is Egypt that beats the others.  In the next group – 55-64 year olds – it is Gibraltar that takes the top spot whilst New Zealand is the choice for those over 65.

I can’t say that these are choices that I would have guessed.

My first thought was that the data on which the suggestion is based must be suspect yet, as I mentioned before, the source is the government funded IPS. It has been criticised for some things but, nonetheless, there is nothing better that is available.

Spain is still the top choice for all age groups followed by France, the USA, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Where is Greece, Turkey and Portugal? What about Australia and is Gibraltar really that strong amongst a single age-group?

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