Why don’t more of us visit Grenada?

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The Caribbean island of Grenada has a population of only just over 112,000. Except that most people don’t know that there are two other islands in the nation, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique. And that between these three they attract nearly five times their population in visitors! And that about one-and-a-half times the size of the population stay overnight.

Grenada in the Caribbean should attract more Britons but doesn’t. Why?

The reason is that the islands, known collectively as the Spice Island of the Caribbean., have fifty world-class white sand beaches, fifteen waterfalls, countless hiking trails, more than sixty dive sites including the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean, ‘Bianca C’, and the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park.  

It helps that there is accommodation for every size of pocket and that the hotels blend with the landscape rather than tower over it so even when the largest hotel on the island – the 269 roomed Royalton Grenada opens on March 1 – it still won’t intrude on the nature of Grenada. There are no monstrous, thousand bedroom hotels overprowering the landscape.

Last year, 162,902 stayed at least one night of the island and it looks as though 337,940 cruise visitors will have explored this Caribbean favourite.

If that was enough to please the tourist authorities then 2020 looks like making them beam because they have gained more direct flights from their main market, the USA. As well as that an additional ten cruise ships just from Royal Caribbean alone are due to dock this year compared to the 19 that visited Grenada in 2019. That should substantially increase visitor numbers.

 A Commonwealth country and independent for over fifty years, Grenada was a British possession for over 200 years yet the number of Britons visiting the nation is comparatively small, the number being about 25,000. Yet Britons don’t need a visa, there are direct flights from Gatwick on both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, and English is spoken.

With ABTA tipping Grenada as a place to visit in 2020, more of us might visit Grenada and its attractions.

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