If they had only painted these

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For years artists have been attracted to beautiful –and not so beautiful – parts of the world and left us with images of what they saw. Gauguin’s pictures of the South Seas, London as seen by the French impressionists in the last part of the nineteenth century and any number of pictures of Venice immediately come to mind.

As Monet might see Paris

In between the two world wars, artists many of whom are unjustifiably forgotten today by most -people, created striking images to promote travel be it on trains, cruise ships or to destinations. Some of the most remembered images are of   those promoting the underground in London or of sleek trains speeding to their destinations.

But many artists concentrated their talents on other subjects.

is Bradford like this?

But what if they hadn’t? How might they have seen the world around them?

Now an art supplies company in Bolton has had a think and created ten travel posters as if they were designed by famous artists from past and present.

as Lichtenstein might see New York

Originally the posters were just there to view on the website but no, such is the demand, they are available for sale.

So whether you are a Hockney or Monet affecionado, a Banksy or Kahlo fan, here is the opportunity of a travel poster that the artist never saw. But which, from the grave, they are probably wishing they had.

Her are a few. To view them all go to https://www.artsupplies.co.uk/cat-posters.htm

and Banksy might view Bristol
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