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With just three days to go before the UK finally instigates Brexit after years of muddle, people are still unsure about what they can and cannot do after January 31st.

catching a ferry will be as easy after January 31st as it was before it!

Discover Ferries, which is the industry trade body for ferries and which will be directly impacted if transport arrangements alter, reassures passengers and potential passengers that nothing of any consequence will happen dat midnight on the 31st. Travel will be exactly the same as before.

Last year there were over 37 million passenger journeys by ferry, 8.7m car journeys as well as over 137,190 coach trips.  The journeys would have largely been worry-free, easy and delay-free. In 2020 it should be exactly the same.

And that will be the state of affairs right throughout 2020 so Spring breaks, Summer holidays, Autumn getaways and weekend trips will be as they have been in 2019 and years before that.

Yet the organisation says that survey results show that about two-thirds of responders weren’t aware what changes would apply. And that comes on top of all the advice that the travel trade and the government has publicised.

From February 1st, you will not need a visa to enter any EU country, (30% thought that you did,) your EHIC card will remain valid, (44% thought that it wouldn’t be,) and 27% thought they would need to take additional steps in order to transport their pets abroad with them. That is untrue as well.

Almost a quarter of those interviewed said that they had delayed their holiday plans for this year due to uncertainty. The only uncertainty is in the effectiveness of the travel trade in telling us that nothing will change.

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