The Travelex conundrum

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As I suspect many readers are, I have been a customer of Travelex in the past.

To use Travelex again or not?

Three weeks ago, the company was hit by a cyber attack and its online site was taken down. It meant that anybody trying to order the holiday spending money for collection at airports or ports couldn’t do so.

I thought the problem might last for a day or two, maybe three or four at the most but over three weeks later I still cannot access the website although I understand that some internal systems within the company are back up and running.

Whilst I appreciate that this must have had a considerable impact on  the company given how long the site has been down, as a consumer it worries me that such a lengthy shut down has happened.

Does this not mean that the website wasn’t particularly robust in the first place or is this attack of such sophistication that it was always going to severely impact any company that was targeted?

Why after three weeks is there no shadow system that is up and operational but which runs on different servers? Did Travelex have no disaster recovery plan?

A I wonder just how robust the site was I protecting my information (the company says that no personal data was downloaded; the hackers say that it was) I am loath to use the company again. After all, my personal information could be used in any number of detrimental ways.

But, on reflection, if I don’t use Travelex again have I not partially succumbed to the wiles of the hackers? What they must want to do is to persuade and scare the company into paying up. If I say I will not return is that telling both Travelex and the hackers that any company is likely to lose company support unless they pay up and pay up promptly?

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